Friday, October 1, 2010

Summary of our Project "Communicating through Art"

Our project focuses on developing the communication competence of our pupils and improving their creativity and innovation skills. We aim to share our culture with the other participating schools in the project by giving our pupils and insight into their own culture and those of other focusing on plastic arts. Each school will focus on a local artist to share their findings with the other schools as well as to propose them a specific work on plastic arts related to that artist. Through these works  the school will further investigate about the other artist and thus the diversity of the European cultures and will give shape to their findings in a creative and innovative way, through plastic arts. Students will become actors of their own learning process, based on meaningful contents. New Technologies will be our project main support. making communication possible. Through the project's blog, the students will exchange information and a follow-up of he projects' progress will be made. Different ITC mean will be used to enhance communitacion among our students, both in a shyncronous and asynchoronous way. To share the outcomes of the projecte and to involve the local authorities, two ithinerary exhibitions with artworks os students of the participating schools will be exposed and a book of the project will be published and posted on-line. The exhibitions will be exposed in the participating schools as well as in local culture centres of the participating countries. As for the linguistic dimension of the project. through this project English will be included in our Art and Crafts lessons and will be become the vehicle of expression and communication. All participating schools are committed to this multicultural proposal to improve our students' knowledge and skills.

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