Monday, November 29, 2010

The 2nd meeting - Muggiò, Italy 24th -28th November 2010

1.      Presentation of the specific art proposals
The participants in the meeting present the specific art proposals related to their artists so that the other partners may implement them during the 2 years of the project. It is important to note that these are only suggestions to facilitate the work of the other partners.
-          The Spanish partners present the specific art proposal linked to an author’s book/ scrapbook for the children to express their daily life experiences as a diary following Antoni Llena’s technique.
-          The Belgian partners present their specific art proposal linked to Magritte. It mainly consists in analyzing the artwork “Le chant d’amour” and putting in practice a similar technique of combining two images in a surrealist way and imagining the story behind one of Magritte’s paintings.
-          The Finnish partners present their art proposal linked to Cedercreutz’s artwork. It focuses on the silhouettes, on the positive and negative result we can obtain through them.
-          The Turkish partners present the work they have done with Firat Uysal, which has visited their school and has put into practice an artwork project with the pupils of their school. As for the art proposal for the other partners, they suggest to do a similar art process as they have done with Firat Uysal. It mainly consists on working with volume and letting the children choose the materials they want to use to make a representation about the world.
-          The Italian partners present their art proposal linked to Enrico Baj’s work. With third grade they will make a self-portrait using Baj’s technique. With fourth grade they will read a story, create the characters and represent the story. With fifth grade they will research information about other countries, choose a theme and represent it with a 3D shape.

2.      First audiovisual exhibition of the Project

The partners discuss and agree on how to proceed to prepare the first audiovisual exhibition.
-          All partners will send to the Finnish partners before 20th March 2011 ten selected pictures of the artworks that their pupils have done linked to the different European artists. Each picture will have a short text or subtitle.
-          The Belgian partners will create the music that will go with the pictures.

-          The Finnish artists will compile the pictures with the music and make a proposal for the audiovisual exhibition which will be validated by the other countries during the Third meeting of the Project in Finland. The first slides of the audiovisual exhibition will present briefly the Comenius Project.
-          During the meeting in Finland, the partners will further discuss how to guarantee the diffusion of this audiovisual exhibition among schools and cultural and institutional institutions.

3.       Venues for the next meetings
The participants agree upon the following meeting venues:
-          The 3rd meeting of the project will be in Finland (30th March-4th April) as already agreed.
-          The 4th meeting of the project will be held in Turkey in October 2011.
-          The 5th (final) meeting of the project will be held in Belgium in April 2012.
The Belgian partners have agreed to arrange a specific final diffusion event of the Project in collaboration with the European Commission.

4.      Communication among the students

The partners hold a videoconference with François, a teacher of the Belgian school who explains some basic facts as to how to use twinspace for communication and to post relevant documents of the project.

Furthermore, the partners discuss how to promote communication among the students participating in the project in a synchronic and a synchronic way and they agree upon the following.
-          Since there are many classes and students involved in the project, in principle the communication will be among classes or groups of students involving several classes.
-          To begin with, the schools will exchange Xmas and Happy New Years cards. These cards will have to be sent before the 15th of December.
-          To continue, on the 15th of February, a first videoconference will take place among schools. The videoconference will consist mainly on the exchange of popular songs of each country participating in the project. Before singing the song, the class or group of classes of each school will present themselves.

5.      Initial evaluation of the project
The Italian partners, who coordinate the evaluation of the project, present to the other partners some questionnaire proposals for students and families to facilitate to the other partners the continuous evaluation of the project. It is agreed among the partners that these proposals are useful as a reference and that each partner will proceed to do the evaluation of the project according to its own context and circumstances, either through questionnaires, meetings or other means.

The Italian partners agree to send to the other partners a proposal of evaluation for the teachers, which are also very important actors in the project.
Finally, an oral initial evaluation of the project is carried out whereby each partner comments which is the situation of the project and whether there are things to improve. It is agreed that for now the project is proceeding as expected. The partners will proceed to do an on-going evaluation of the project in the third meeting in Finland and the fourth meeting in Turkey.  
6.      Third meeting of the Project in Finland
The Finnish partners provide to the other partners some practical information for the third meeting in Finland concerning the expected cost that the partners have to assume for transportation, meals, the cultural visits that will be done, etc.
In principle, the Spanish partners will be sending 20 students and 4 teachers to Finland, the Belgian partners will be sending 7 students and 2 teachers, the Italian partners will be sending 8 students and 5 teachers and the Turkish partners will be sending 4 students and 5 teachers.
7.      Final agreements
The Spanish partners prepare a grid with the agreements reached in this meeting and the Italian partners distribute copies of this grid to the partners.
The second meeting of the Comenius Project "Communicating through Art" comes to an end.

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