Friday, October 21, 2011

The 4th meeting - Turkey- October 2011


  1. Brief 5-10 minute presentation of the art work pending in each school to learn about the European artists Antoni Llena, Emil Cedercreutz, René Magritte, Enrico Baj and Firat Uysal (in principle all of us have already interpreted most of the artists).

  1. Approval of the draft posters following the Turkish proposal for the final itinerary exhibition of the Project. How to combine the posters with the “real” artworks and how to promote the diffusion of the final exhibitions in each country.

  1. Spanish proposal: a sample of all the work done during the project: The book.

  1. Further diffusion of the Project and communication among the partners and the students:
-          Upgrading of the twinspace of the Project.
-          New proposals (another videoconference?  Producing a calendar for 2012 with pictures and comments of the artworks? etc.)

  1. On-going evaluation of the project- any problems to solve?

  1. Brief discussion concerning the organization of the fifth (and last) meeting of the project in Belgium (not only concerning the exchange of students/ teachers, but also the organization of the final exhibition of the Project in Belgium).

  1. Other proposals: European awards, etc.

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